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Evil Twins (Crash Twinsanity) Render :iconcrasharki:CRASHARKI 7 2 Witches' Talisman (MediEvil Resurrection) Model :iconcrasharki:CRASHARKI 2 0 Runes (MediEvil Resurrection) Model :iconcrasharki:CRASHARKI 0 0 Chicken Drumstick (MediEvil Resurrection) Model :iconcrasharki:CRASHARKI 0 0 Spear (MediEvil Resurrection) Model :iconcrasharki:CRASHARKI 0 0 Battleaxe (MediEvil Resurrection) Model :iconcrasharki:CRASHARKI 0 0 Longbow (MediEvil Resurrection) Model :iconcrasharki:CRASHARKI 0 0 Hero's Crossbow (MediEvil Resurrection) Model :iconcrasharki:CRASHARKI 0 0 Crossbow (MediEvil Resurrection) Model :iconcrasharki:CRASHARKI 0 0 Throwing Daggers (MediEvil Resurrection) Model :iconcrasharki:CRASHARKI 0 0 Woden's Brand (MediEvil Resurrection) Model :iconcrasharki:CRASHARKI 1 0 Gold Shield (MediEvil Resurrection) Model :iconcrasharki:CRASHARKI 0 0 Silver Shield (MediEvil Resurrection) Model :iconcrasharki:CRASHARKI 0 0 Bronze Shield (MediEvil Resurrection) Model :iconcrasharki:CRASHARKI 2 0 Warhammer (MediEvil Resurrection) Model :iconcrasharki:CRASHARKI 3 0 Club (MediEvil Resurrection) Model :iconcrasharki:CRASHARKI 2 0


Crash and Coco Version Last Of Us Painting :icondingodileisgood:dingodileisgood 8 5 Crash Bandicoot - Character models :iconsperhak618:sperhak618 16 6 Spyro [Pokemon 9 season] Preview parody :iconzoomerart:ZOomERart 44 9 Spyro and Crash 18th and 20th Anniversary :iconspongedragon15:SpongeDragon15 38 4 Crash Bandicoot Level Map :iconbandidude:Bandidude 8 0 Happy Birthday, CRASHARKI! :iconkingbilly97:KingBilly97 10 1 Happy Birthday CRASHARKI :iconduskkyy:Duskkyy 4 6 Birthday gift for CRASHARKI :iconspongedragon15:SpongeDragon15 14 5 Happy birthday CRASHARKI :iconzoomerart:ZOomERart 34 9 Crash Twinsanity - Dingodile (Classic) :iconmrunclebingo:MrUncleBingo 16 2 Crash Twinsanity - Pinstripe Potoroo (Classic) :iconmrunclebingo:MrUncleBingo 17 1 Crash Twinsanity - Dr.Roo :iconmrunclebingo:MrUncleBingo 14 1 Crash Bandicoot Pack III - The Coco Pack :iconmrunclebingo:MrUncleBingo 27 5 Crash Bandicoot: Wrath Of Cortex - Super Powers :iconmrunclebingo:MrUncleBingo 16 1 Crash Bandicoot: Wrath Of Cortex - Atlasphere :iconmrunclebingo:MrUncleBingo 8 0 Crash Bandicoot: Wrath Of Cortex - Fruit Bazooca :iconmrunclebingo:MrUncleBingo 10 0

Which character models should I use in Crash The Un-official TV Show? 

27 deviants said Crash Twinsanity
14 deviants said Crash Nitro Kart
11 deviants said Crash Bandicoot The Wrath of Cortex
7 deviants said Crash Mind Over Mutant
7 deviants said Crash Bandicoot 2Oth Aniversary
5 deviants said Crash Tag Team Racing
2 deviants said Crash of the Titans


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Main Characters and Allies (Completed):

-Sir Daniel Fortesque
-Sir Daniel Fortesque (Dragon Armor)
-Sir Daniel Fortesque (Pirate Outfit)
-Phantom of the Opera
-Showman Skeleton
-Jester Skeleton
-Mecha Death
-Dock Master
-Gallowmere Warrior

Hall of Heroes (Completed):

-Canny Tim
-Stanyer Iron Hewer
-Bloodmonath Skull Cleaver
-Woden the Mighty
-Karl Sturnguard
-Dirk Steadfast
-Prince Ravenhooves the Archer
-Imanzi Shongoma
-Megwynne Stormbringer

Enemies (Completed):

-Zombie Guard
-Skeleton Soldier
-Skeleton Warrior
-Skeleton Archer
-Headless Zombie
-Boiler Guard
-Head Banger
-Mr Mad
-Mrs Mad
-Nellie Mad
-Hay Monster
-Wheat Daemon
-Mecha Imp
-Pumpkin Plant
-Pumpkin Bomb
-Dragon Toad
-Giant Bird
-Shadow Demon
-Armoured Knight
-Undead Warrior
-Pirate Crew
-Pirate Officer

Bosses (Completed):

-Stainglass Demon
-Stone Wolf
-Mad Axeman
-Pumpkin King
-Dragon King
-Pirate Captain
-Lord Kardok

Relics and Artifacts (Completed):

-Health Vial
-Health Bottle
-Chalice of Souls
-Whitches' Talisman
-Anubis Stone
-Butterfly Net

Weapons (Completed):

Melee Weapons (Completed):

-Wooden Sword
-Short Sword
-Broad Sword
-Hero's Sword
-Magic Sword
-Bronze Shield
-Silver Shield
-Gold Shield
-Woden's Brand

Ranged Weapons (Completed):

-Throwing Daggers
-Hero's Crossbow
-Chicken Drumstick

Crash Bandicoot Series:

-Crash Bandicoot The Wrath of Cortex - (72/107) [Status: Paused]

-Crash Nitro Kart - [Status: I will Re-Rip if 3dformat's script works]

-Crash Twinsanity - [Status: Not Possible At The Moment, waiting for NeoKesha to add the feature of ripping rigged characters to Twinsanity Editor]

-Crash Tag Team Racing - 100% [Status: Completed]

-Crash Of The Titans - 100% [Status: Completed]

-Crash Mind Over Mutant100% [Status: Completed]

Spyro The Dragon Series:

-Spyro Enter the Dragonfly - 48,88% (44/90) [Status: Might Re-Rip if 3dformat creates a script/Paused]

-Spyro A Hero's Tail - [Status: Coming as soon as 3dformat creates the script for it]

MediEvil Series:

-MediEvil Resurrection - [Status: Ripping right now. Almost finished.]

I might do some other games, but dunno which games, give me ideas in the comments.
I'm looking for games that are both RARE or HAVE SOME EDITOR, SCRIPT OR CLEAN WAY TO RIP MODELS from them.
For example, I'm not looking to rip models from a franchise like Super Mario, not that I have anything against him, just that there are a lot of models of it already.
Hope you guys can find something interesting to check it out. I'm specially looking forward to rip models from CARTOON LOOKING games.

Banned Games:

-Super Mario Series
-Sonic The Hedhog Series
-Resident Evil Series
-Grand Theft Auto Series

Games you guys have suggested me already:

-Oddworld Series: Don't know if they have actual models.
Super Mario Sunshine: Not Super Mario, in general.
Super Mario Galaxy: Not Super Mario, in general.
Monster Hunter: Low interest.
Skylanders Series: Impossible (As far as I know).
Banjo-Kazooie Nuts & Bolts: Not possible at the moment.
-The Sly Games: Not possible at the moment.
-Rayman 2 Revolution
-Rayman 3 Hoodlum Havoc
-Rayman M/Rayman Arena
-Ty The Tasmanian Tiger
-Jak and Daxter Series
Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg
-Star Fox Adventure
-PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale
-Conker Live and Reloaded
-Ape Escape
-Gravity Rush
-Pacman World 3

Wish List For Suggesting Games/Minimum requirements (Check before suggesting if you want to avoid BEING BLOCKED or flagged as SPAM):

-Games with clean ways to rip models. [Value: Extremely High]
-Cartoon looking games. [Value: High]
-PlayStation related games characters. [Value: Medium]
-Rare games. [Value: Low]

The Good Guys (5/5):

-Crash Bandicoot
-Coco Bandicoot
-Coco Old Skool
-Crunch Bandicoot
-Aku Aku

The Bad Guys (5/5):

-Dr. Neo Cortex
-N. Gin
-Nitrus Brio
-Uka Uka

Minions (5/5):

-Doom Monkey

Titans (15/15):


Hero Titans (6/6):


Crash's Skins (8/8):


Villagers (10/10):

-Ratcicle Aristocratic
-Ratcicle Aristocratic Assist
-Ratcicle Kid
-Ratcicle Old
-Ratcicle Runt
-Roller Cub
-Roller Granny
-Roller Girl
-Sludge Salesman
-Sludge Shady Junk

The Good Guys (8/8):

-Crash Bandicoot
-Crash Bandicoot Pre-Final
-Crash Betacoot
-Aku Aku
-Coco Bandicoot
-Coco Betacoot
-Crunch Bandicoot
-Crunch Betacoot

The Bad Guys (5/5):

-Dr. Neo Cortex
-Uka Uka
-Nina Cortex

Minions (5/5):

-Doom Monkey
-Voodoo Rabbit

Titans (15/15):


Crash's Suits (21/21):

-Carbon Crash
-Hulk (Crash Betacoot)
-Doom Monkey
-Voodoo Bunny

The Bandicoots (22/22):

-Crash + Spin
-Agent C.R.A.S.H
-Cave Crash
-Nega Crash
-Crizzash Bandicizzle
-Mad Crash
-Classic Crash
-Realistic Crash
-Star Crash
-Baby Crash
-Japanese Crash + Spin
-Japanese Agent C.R.A.S.H
-Japanese Cave Crash
-Japanese Crizzash Bandicizzle
-Japanese Mad Crash
-Japanese Classic Crash
-Japanese Star Crash
-Japanese Baby Crash
-Princess Coco
-Mr. Crunch

The Bad Guys (6/6):

-Neo Cortex
-Neo Fu
-Cyborg Idol
-Part Timer

Motor World's Locals (19/19):

-Von Clutch
-Captain No-Sense
-Pasadena O'Possum
-Willy Wumpa Cheeks
-Park Worker
-Harem Park Worker
-Mummy Park Worker
-Baby Yeti
-Ninja Penguin
-Kid Girl

Items, Random Characters and Weapons (13/13):

-Power Crystal
-Wumpa Cup
-TNT Monkey
-Rocket Penguin
-Rocket Penguin Egg
-Shark Missile

Cars (24/24):

-Yellow Horde
-The Deadinator
-Probulot 2000
-Harm Aid
-Bad Girl
-Le Chaux
-The Guzzler
-Bone Machine
-Fairy Mobile
-Organ Grinder
-Slave Driver
-Extreme Surplus
-Junkulon Prime
-Doom Buggy
-Der Pickle

Unused Cars (9/9):

-Crash PSP Car
-Nina Car
-Pasadena Speed
-Yellow Testcar
-Green Testcar
-Blue Testcar


CRASHARKI's Profile Picture

Artist | Hobbyist | Film & Animation
If you are looking for Crash Bandicoot Models, Spyro Models and Medievil Models, you are in the right place! I personally use 3ds Max for everything.

Before asking a request check the "Full Ripping Games List" journal. And don't be annoying and repetitive!

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